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What to know

Top 5 home maintenance tips for cold weather

  1. Look for the leaks.
    Unsealed areas around windows, doors and exterior wall outlets can put a dent in your wallet. There are temporary remedies, but having Eagle Siding replace your problem windows, doors or siding will provide a lasting solution. Proper Eagle Siding installation not only adds beauty and value to your home but can save money on your utility bills too.
  2. Protect your pipes.
    As water freezes, it expands so attending to exposed or uninsulated pipes can prevent disaster.
  3. Check your heat.
    Clogged filters, old thermostats and improper boiler pressure can cause uneven and inefficient heating. A simple annual tuneup is a great start.
  4. Prevent ice dams.
    When melted snow can’t drain properly because of clogged gutters and poor insulation, ice buildup can force a good roof into a needed roof replacement prematurely.
  5. Avoid blocked vents.
    Proper airflow and exhaust is essential in keeping warm air and fumes moving when and where they need to be. Regularly check and clear those areas in and around all chimneys and ventilation pipes.

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