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2023 marks the 9th year in a row we are an Angi Super Service Award winner!

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service for every siding, roofing and deck project we complete. These testimonials are just examples.

Beth S. 12/2023
Eagle Siding was a great company to work with from beginning to end of the siding project. I didn’t know anything about siding my 38 year old home. I relied on their knowledge and expertise. They did not disappoint. Very professional, communication was great, all my million questions answered. They did exactly what they said they would do, on time; and at a reasonable price. They also replaced a siding glass door. They kept the job site clean after finishing their work each day. Buck and Rick were great to work with as well as their entire team. I would highly recommend and plan on using them for my next project.

Doug Holden 08/2017

Eagle Siding was recommended by a neighbor who had used them for hail damage 4 years ago. They were NOT among the many storm-chasers who appeared at our door. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Eagle to handle our insurance claim and repairs. Once I called, Buck (the owner) was at the house to do an initial inspection within a couple of days. I appreciated the prompt response, and I was impressed with his explanation of what the process could look like. I liked that he was a local family man, involved with the community. It was obvious that he understands that making sure he has satisfied customers is the most effective way to gain repeat business and earn referrals. No chasing necessary. Buck offered to meet my insurance adjuster at my home, but due to a scheduling issue, he called and asked if he could send Brandon. Much appreciated that he didn’t just “hand me off.” My reply after deciding to hire Eagle: You’re the owner. If you trust Brandon, then so do I. Buck also explained that they use sub-contractors for their roofing work, but that he had been using the same crews for many years. I really appreciated that he was up front about that right away, since some homeowners would prefer hiring a company where their own employees do the actual repair work. The next bunch of interactions with Eagle were with Brandon. He was super friendly, helpful, and responsive. Starting with meeting with the adjuster on my behalf when I couldn’t be there, he very professionally walked with me through the inspection and insurance adjusting process, as well as getting a contract in place with Eagle. He kept me informed, and he responded quickly any time I texted or called him with a question or concern. He also kept me informed concerning the expected date of my repairs, which is a moving target in the roofing and siding business. Brandon was also very flexible and easy to work with when it came to deciding which repairs I wanted Eagle to handle, versus the ones I decided to handle on my own (primarily because I already had some vendors for certain work that I have done business with before). When the time drew near for the repairs to be done, Brandon handed me over to Rick, who handles scheduling, supplies, and general job oversight. Rick communicated clearly about what to expect and when. And on site the day of the roof replacement, Rick was awesome. He listened to and responded to every question and concern I had. He had just the right mix of energy to make sure the job was going to go as scheduled, and laid back demeanor that enabled him to keep me calm any time I had a concern. I’ve never experienced a roof repair before, and a lot of things are happening all at once, with people crawling all over your house. It could have been a little overwhelming, but Rick’s easy manner and obvious experience kept me very relaxed about the whole process. He was also very responsive with email communication. One of the things I liked most about Rick was how well he worked with Marlon, the guy in charge of the sub-contacted crew of workers. There was obvious respect between the two, and they were completely in sync concerning what needed to get done and how. Watching them work together gave me great peace of mind. And now for a shout out to Marlon and his crew. They have been subbing for Eagle for many years, and they worked together like a well-oiled machine. I was so impressed by how quickly and efficiently they worked. I thought there were about 10 guys, but later learned there were only 6. They worked so quickly, that it seemed like there were guys everywhere. No downtime… just quick, efficient work. Again, lots of respect between Marlon and his crew. When he gave direction, they responded quickly. I also appreciated Marlon providing some very useful advice and solutions concerning a gutter issue we were having, as well as another issue with our fireplace exhaust. Following his expert advice resolved both issues. Finally, the crew was very careful to clean everything up when the job was complete. Next, I was handed off to Travis. The service he provided was such an important part of the process. In addition to handling a few smaller repairs, he was the guy who showed up after the fact you make sure any lose ends were tied up. What a critical step… and a sign that Eagle really did want to make sure the customer ends up completely satisfied. A few small things that didn’t get handled on roof day, I brought to his attention. He immediately communicated those back to the office, and Marlon was back on site the next day as promised, and he took care of those items. As an aside, one of the things I really liked about Eagle is that all of these people I worked with (which was actually all or most of the employees) have been with the company for 19 or 20 years. That says something about Buck and the kind of company he runs. Not one time did I ever feel like I was being “handled”. Everyone was respectful and professional, and to a person, made me feel like my satisfaction was their only goal. So refreshing! One other thing worth mentioning. Brandon initially explained that they would want a down payment before the work was started, and we agreed on an amount. However, we never got around to it for some reason. The day after the roof was replaced, when Brandon called to check in, he said if it was OK, he’d like to take care of the down payment. Now even though we still had a few small repairs left to get done, I expected him to request full payment at that point, and I would have gladly paid it. But no… Brandon only requested the down payment amount we agreed on. Then I remembered that Buck had told me in the beginning that full payment would only be expected after all work was complete and when I as the customer was satisfied. This company has integrity…they mean what they say. They are waiting until I am completely satisfied with a completed job before requesting full payment. This is a long review because I wanted people to understand clearly why I rated Eagle Siding so highly. Going through the insurance adjusting and repair process can be stressful, but Buck and the entire team at Eagle Siding (including Marlon and his sub-contacted crew) each played an important role in making the process easy for me. I would recommend Eagle Siding without reservation to anyone looking for an honest and professional roofing and siding company.

Description of work:

We had hail damage. Our roof and several pieces of siding needed replacing.

  • Overall: A
  • Price: A
  • Quality: A
  • Responsiveness: A
  • Punctuality: A
  • Professionalism: A
  • Category: Gutter Repair & Replacement, Roofing, Siding
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Work Completed Date: 08/04/2017
  • Hire Again: Yes